Danish Danial Bin Anuar

A Trip Around Bugis

Well, I actually I came here to submit my university application. Chinese New Year was around the corner and usually the business district of Bugis would be filled with people. I rarely go into the city so I might as well hang around for an hour or two.

Actually the district of Bugis holds a very special place in my heart. To get to school, I had to exit the subway and then wait for a bus from there. My dad would usually wait for the bus with me and then he resumes his journey on the subway to his workplace. It was also where I made a lot of friendship memories buying computer parts at Sim Lim Square and eating at Burger King opposite the plaza.

During my secondary school days, half the time, I was late for school. There were even times when the buses were late. At times like this, my dad would give me extra money and I would flag down a Taxi. But here’s the next problem – Taxis were hard to get.

Here, there are lots of interesting people to see too as I wait for the bus. I think there were a few times I saw this guy with a huge tumor on his head who worked around there. Each time I saw him passing by the bus stop I really do pity his condition. There were also a few elderly aunties parking bicycles and setting up a few shops nearby. In the bus stop itself, Chinese and Bangladeshi foreign workers listen to music and it made my day when they were laughing together.

I’m not sure why but ever since I started Secondary School I started to be afraid of the roaring engine noises coming from buses. Maybe because I didn’t like to go to school and when I knew the bus was coming, I start to feel fear.

A bus approaching
A bus approaching

Well, based on my opinion, Bugis is home to some interesting cultures and probably eye-popping architecture. There were malls that stood out and places of worship that attracted lots of tourists. I didn’t really had time to visit them when I was in school but now I had the chance to.

It was Chinese new year so things were a little bit more lively.

A shopping district in Bugis
A shopping district in Bugis

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