Hi. My name is Danish Danial. You can call me Danish. But I am not Danish. I am Javanese. I am Javanese Danish. But you can call me by my other name Danial. But I’m not Danish Danial. I am Javanese Danial. In conclusion, I am Danish Danial. Not Danish Danial. Hi.

Danish DanialI am just a regular teenager doing some street photography, and then posting photos on the internet as a hobby. And some filming as well. I don’t actually have a DSLR or a professional camera; all of my photos and films are taken and then edited on the phone and my trusty MacBook – I set a challenge for myself. Just a little bit about me, I am from Singapore, completed my Primary School education at Temasek Primary School, completed my Secondary School education at Saint Joseph’s Institution. I am currently doing my Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and serving the Police Force at the same time.

Actually, the main reason why I set up this blog is to inspire youth to work on their creativity with whatever tools they have. For example, I have the challenge of taking photographs and film without an actual camera.

My Bae.
My Ex-Bae.

Previously, I was using my Samsung Galaxy Note II to edit and process my content. It lived until it finally died of the cold when I was on my Korean trip in the winter of 2015.

During the period when I didn’t have my phone with me, I used my 1MP front facing camera on my MacBook Pro (2012) to take photos which turned out to be quite OK.

Afterwards I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which has a much better camera.

The reason I don’t own professional equipment like a DSLR is because I don’t really have the money, or I’m just really too lazy to save up for one. I guess I’ll just stick to my mobile phone in the meantime!

I hope you really like the content posted on The Amygdala Of Mine!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me at danishdanial@danishdanialbinanuar.com

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