Danish Danial Bin Anuar

Waiting Around the National Stadium

My friends and I decided to go out together for a bowling session. Well, on that day I came quite early so I took the opportunity to explore the Stadium area. I can say is that the buildings here have some interesting architecture. I so do believe that the main architectural theme here is something to do with waves. There were many curves and bends along pathways and even the subway station is a little but curvy. What’s awesome is that even thought the subway station is underground, it has glass panels as the roof to let the sunlight in so that it doesn’t look as gloomy or dark.

Another interesting feature about this station’s architecture is that one side of the station has a straight corridor, and that the other has a curve.

As I exit the station, I could have an awesome view of the stadium itself.

The stadium itself

This was my first time entering the stadium compound. It was larger than what I thought it actually was. There is this outer running circuit that runs along the circumference of the stadium. I believe it also serves as a waiting area for spectators. Just like the subway station, part of the shelter also uses glass panels to let the sunlight in.

Inside the stadium

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