His heart is melting,
from the warmth of the engines,
that take him off into the skies,
like the flare in her eyes.

And she’s stalling,
deep inside,
And in the March monsoon that’s coming,
she’s getting out of sight.

And in the name of the crosswinds of the Straits that meet,
and the South China Sea,
up high, he’s gliding through thousands of feet,
to ground the agony she sees.

But in the cold rough clouds that are bitter,
and it hurts it’s a distance to reach her,
he looked up to the stars at Orion in vain,
“Why can’t we just love like Airplanes?”

Love like Airplanes.


Returning To Bugis

Had lots of fun at SJI carnival. Got to keep up with past teachers, friends and got to do loads of activities there! So afterwards, I invited my friend, Monico to follow me to Bugis to get a new screen protector for my phone (the one that I ordered online didn’t arrive yet grrrr). I thought we were only going to be there for 10 minutes or so but haha, there were many interesting things that were going on there that stretched our trip for an hour or so.

Anyways, after getting my screen protector at Sim Lim Square, we walked back to the MRT Station through Albert Street. We kinda stumbled upon some fascinating stuff at Albert Street that we have never seen before. Like there was this sort of “art-kind-of-thing” happening in the middle of the square, where artists were fully dressed, and they perform skits that I think, intend to spread a message. Of course, there were people gathering around to see what it was about, children leaning forward, curious to see what’s going on, people rushing in to take photographs, and I was one of them hehe. There were three artists having fun with a few props, an artist in black taking selfies with random passers-by, and at the side, I saw cute little children giving dried leaves to an artist in red. The red artist kinda begged for leaves (well he didn’t speak a word) and then line them along a crack on the ground.

Artist receives a dead leaf from a girl

Just beside this square, there was this small shop selling some sort of insect bite ointment. It wasn’t clear since everything was written in Chinese. So there was this elderly uncle continuously saying stuff into the microphone, while the lady sorts the stuff on the table. I was surprised when I looked closer on the table to find actual live insects. The uncle who was selling the ointment actually invited the insects which included centipedes and even scorpions, to crawl all over his arm. It was scary but cool. Haha. I have never seen anything like this in Singapore, well, except for the Zoo.

Uncle promoting his ointment at his stall

Down the street, we found some Trishaw Uncles waiting for passengers to pick up and tour around the city. Never had a ride on one of these things before but hopefully, in the future :).

Beca uncle reading newspaper

It was getting late and we decided to go home. Off we went into the MRT. Oh and there was this part of the MRT Station where we can see passengers moving in and out of the station from above.

Passengers on travelators

I also wanted to try something new. Like right before the train door closes, take a picture of passengers entering and exiting the train from in between the platform screen doors, and the train doors. So here’s the result:

Passengers entering the train

Hehe I remembered what my Mom used to tell me, “Don’t stick your head out of the MRT train doors like that!”

Danish Danial Signature